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Opening Day, June 2, 1927

Putting the finishing touches on the Music Room 1926 On October 30, the old central library at Thirteenth and Locust Streets is closed. Meanwhile, workers put finishing touches on the enormous $7 million structure on Logan Circle.

Moving books into the new Central Library Moving books into the Children's Room 1927 On January 20, teams of movers transport the first books from the old building, as well as from other storage facilities in the City, to the newly finished building. Throughout the winter and into the spring, Head Librarian John Ashhurst, 3rd, oversees the move. By May 25, when library officials host a preview tour of the new building for local officials, the move is complete. The press applauds the majestic new library building, which has undergone thirty years of planning and fifteen of construction.

Moving books into the Children's Room 1927 On June 2, librarians, dignitaries, and trustees officially open the new building with a ceremony on the lawn along the Fairmount Parkway. In a dramatic moment, Head Librarian John Ashhurst opens the front doors to thousands of Philadelphians. The public fills the grand entrance hall, climbs the marble staircase, and tours the majestic new library. Throughout the day and well into the night, visitors marvel at the structure, one of the most spacious and dignified in the nation.

Floral Motif on Column
Floral Motif on Column
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