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Floral Motif on Column
1731 July 1: Benjamin Franklin and others found the Library Company of Philadelphia 
1825 Northwest Square renamed Logan Square for William Penn's secretary, James Logan
1833 April 9: Citizens of Peterborough, New Hampshire found first free public library in the United States
1864 Cathedral of Saints Peter and PaulSS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral by architects Napolean Le Brun and John Notman is completed 
Great Central Fair for the U.S. Sanitary CommissionJune: The U.S. Sanitary Commission hosts the Great Central Fair at Logan Square to support Civil War troops
1868 December 28: Architect Horace Trumbauer born in Philadelphia
1876 American Library Association founded in Philadelphia
Library Journal founded 
First edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification System published
1881 April 30: Architect Julian Abele born in Philadelphia
1883 Horace Trumbauer enters architecture profession as an errand boy in the office of G. W. and W. D. Hewitt
1884 Plan for an access boulevard from Broad Street to Fairmount ParkApril 29: New Jersey real estate developer Charles K. Landis issues a plan for a boulevard from City Hall to the entrance to Fairmount Park, later dubbed the Fairmount Parkway
1887 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania authorizes the creation and regulation of municipal libraries 

Floral Motif on Column
Floral Motif on Column
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