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1911 Early blueprint of the floor plansJune 7: Assistant Librarian John Ashhurst 3rd and Horace Trumbauer's preliminary floor plans are submitted to the Committee on Main Library Site and Building
June 10: Horace Trumbauer accepts his appointment as architect of the central library
June 29: The Fairmount Park Commission selects Horace Trumbauer to collaborate with the firm of Zantzinger, Borie & Medary to design the Philadelphia Museum of Art
July 5: Mayor John E. Reyburn signs ordinances appropriating $1 million for the central library from the 1898 loan and confirming the purchase of properties on the Fairmount Parkway at Logan Square for the central library
September 1: Head Librarian John Thomson tells Horace Trumbauer that "We are all getting very anxious to see your suggested sketch and plans for the Main Library Building."
October 5: Architect Julian Abele of the Trumbauer firm presents a colored sketch plan and various floor plans to the Committee on Main Library Site and Building
October 6: After the plan for the central library is presented to the Free Library's Board of Trustees, Horace Trumbauer is instructed to proceed with working drawings
December 2: Mayor John E. Reyburn signs an ordinance striking streets on the central library site from the official City Plan
1912 February 14: Free Library Board of Trustees president Henry R. Edmunds and Head Librarian John Thomson present a petition to Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg advocating the completion of the Fairmount Parkway
March 15: Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg is "very anxious that the Trustees of The Free Library should commence building operations."
April 14: Free Library trustee Harry Elkins Widener and his father George D. Widener, the grandson and son of Free Library benefactor Peter A. B. Widener, die on the Titanic
April 26: A committee of the City's Art Jury recommends approval of the preliminary plans for the central library
April 29: Library officials release "a little book showing a good perspective view of the south and east facades of the building, and a ground plan, showing its proposed location, together with five floor plans of the building."
June 7: Financial problems force the Free Library's Board of Trustees to consider constructing the central library in sections
1913 February 13: Horace Trumbauer prepares a plan to construct the central library section by section
March 29: Head Librarian John Thomson solicits a donation from Andrew Carnegie for the erection of the central library

Floral Motif on Column
Floral Motif on Column
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