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Floral Motif on Column
1913 Letter from Andrew Carnegie to John ThomsonApril 2: Andrew Carnegie refuses to fund the erection of the central library
May 24: City Solicitor Michael J. Ryan issues an opinion stating that the 1898 loan money cannot be used for the construction of the central library
1914 September 24: Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg signs an ordinance to borrow $40,000 for the central library to overturn the 1898 loan restrictions
Evangelist Billy Sunday preachingNovember 5: Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg authorizes the erection of a temporary building for evangelist Billy Sunday on the central library site
1915 January 7: Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg signs ordinances appropriating $40,000 for the central library and overturning the 1898 loan restrictions
March 25: Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg requests that library officials restart the central library construction effort
May 21: The Philadelphia City Council extends Logan Square west to Twentieth Street
July 17: City Solicitor Michael J. Ryan authorizes commencement of construction of the central library following approval of the $40,000 loan
August 13: Horace Trumbauer states that "The preliminary plans and studies are completed and preparation of the working drawings and specifications can be started immediately, requiring about ninety days for their completion."
August 16: The Free Library's Board of Trustees authorizes Horace Trumbauer to proceed with plans and specifications and schedules the groundbreaking for September 16, 1915

Floral Motif on Column
Floral Motif on Column
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