Centennial Photographic Co.

Caption Title:
General View of State Buildings

Catalog Title:
General view of state buildings

Media Type:
Photograph Series I
Albumen Prints


  • Benches
  • Brown, D. R., architect.
  • Centennial Exhibition
  • Connecticut State Building
  • Delaware State Building
  • Exhibition buildings
  • Flags, American
  • Massachusetts State Building
  • Michigan State Building
  • Mitchell, Donald G., architect.
  • New Hampshire State Building
  • New York State Building
  • Pennsylvania
  • People
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Public comfort stations
  • Railroad tracks

Notes c011043:

"General view of state buildings. The state buildings seen here are, from the right, those of Michigan, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. There were 24 separate state buildings in all at the exposition. At the extreme left is one of the three British Government Buildings. The low round building in the center near the Massachusetts Building is a public comfort station. "--Looney. Old Philadelphia. p. 210.

1 silver albumen print; 12 x 20 cm.

Connecticut Building architect: D.R. Brown, from a design by Donald G. Mitchell.

Five state buildings, Saint George's House (British) and a comfort station in a row with men standing on railroad tracks in the foreground. American flag flies in front of the New York Building and benches are on the path. Obscured views of Delaware and Maryland Buildings.

Mounted on backing board.

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