Centennial Photographic Co.

Caption Title:
Statue, "Columbus"

Catalog Title:
Statue, "Columbus"

Media Type:
Photograph Series I
Albumen Prints


  • Centennial Exhibition
  • Christopher Columbus Monument
  • Columbus, Christopher
  • Exhibitions & displays
  • Explorers
  • Italy
  • Monuments & memorials
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Sculpture
  • Statues
  • United States Government Building
  • Windrim, James H. (James Hamilton), 1840-1919, Architect

Notes c012063:

1 silver albumen print; 18 x 13 cm.

Architect: United States Government Building -- James H. Windrim.

Christopher Columbus Monument erected by the Columbus Monument Association.

Mounted on backing board.

Sculpture of Christopher Columbus, on large pedestal, holding scroll in left hand with right hand resting on globe and anchor at the feet. In the background is the United States Government Building.

Titles on labels: Columbus, and: Statue "Columbus".

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