Centennial Photographic Co.

Caption Title:
Agricultural Hall-Spain

Catalog Title:
Resinous products exhibit-Philippine Islands [sic]

Media Type:
Photograph Series II
Albumen Prints


  • Agricultural Hall
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Barrels
  • Bottles
  • Centennial Exhibition
  • Exhibition buildings
  • Exhibitions & displays
  • Hides & skins
  • Huts
  • Participation, Spanish
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pine cones
  • Spain
  • Storage jars

Notes c021226:

1 silver albumen print; 26 x 21 cm.

A hut made from sticks and decorated with pine cones. Inside are jars, bottles, and barrels, some filled with liquor. Hanging above the hut are animal skins.

Error in the Catalogue of the Centennial Photographic Co.'s View of the International Exhibition; exhibit is from Spain.

Exhibit title: Resinous Products exhibit -- Spain, Exhibit #n/a, Agricultural Hall, Bldg. #152.

Mounted on backing board.

Picture puzzle on back of photograph.

Titles on labels: Agricultural Hall -- Spain, and: Resinous products, Spanis sec. Agri: H.

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