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Exhibition Facts
Organization, continued: Management


United States Centennial Commission

Joseph R. Hawley, President

Orestes Cleveland, Thomas H. Coldwell, John D. Creigh, John McNeil, Robert Lowry, William Gurney.

Alfred T. Goshorn, Director-General

John L. Campbell, Secretary John L. Shoemaker, Counsellor and Solicitor

Executive Committee
Daniel J. Morrell, Chairman
A. T. Goshorn, R. C. McCormack, G. B. Loring, S. F. Phillips, N. M. Beckwith, John Lynch, F. L. Matthews, J. E. Dexter, A. R. Boteler, C. P. Kimball, W. P. Blake, J. T. Bernard, J. R. Hawley, President, ex officio.
Myer Asch, Dorsey Gardner, Assistant Secretaries

Chiefs of Bureaus of Administration
Foreign -- The Director General
Machinery -- Jno. S. Albert
Installation -- Henry Pettit
Agriculture -- Burnett Landreth
Transportation -- D. Torrey
Horticulture -- C. H. Miller
Fine Arts -- John Sartain
Medical -- Wm. Pepper, M.D.
Awards -- Charles J, Stille, LL.D.
Police -- Col. Henry de B. Clay

Centennial Board of Finance

John Welsh, President

William Sellers, John S. Barbour

Samuel M. Felton, John Wanamaker, A. S. Hewitt, Daniel M. Fox, J. P. Wetherill, John Cummings, Thomas Cochran, Henry Winsor, John Gorham, Clement M. Biddle, W. L. Strong, Chas. W. Cooper, N. Parker Shortridge, Amos R. Little, William Bigler, James M. Robb, John O. James, Robert M. Patton, Edward T. Steel, Thomas H. Dudley, J. B. Drake, George Bain, Frederick Fraley, Secretary and Treasurer. William Bigler, Financial Agent
Henry P. Lansing, Auditor

Engineers and Architects
Henry Pettit, Jos. M. Wilson H. J. Schwarzmann

Officers of the Women's Centennial Executive Committee

Mrs. E. D. Gillespie, President
Mrs. John Sanders, Vice-President
Mrs. R. P. White, Secretary
Mrs. F. M. Etting, Treasurer


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