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The library continues to expand its collection of ebook titles. We now have close to 4,000 books available for you to download to your new ereader. Compatible ebook reading devices are listed on the OverDrive website.

First, just to be clear, Amazon Kindles do not support borrowing library ebooks. The Kindle is a great device, but you will need to purchase bestsellers for it from Amazon and cannot borrow books from us. 

I have tried out the Nook from Barnes & Noble as well as the Sony Reader (a few different versions) and they work quite well with our collections. Check out some tutorials from an earlier blog post to get started with borrowing from the library. 

If we do not yet have your favorite author or series, please drop us a line using the Ask A Librarian form online.  We do our best to add titles that you request!

If you want to puchase titles instead of wait in line for the library copy, you can check out the "Buy It Now" links under many of our latest titles. Any purchases you make through this service will also partly benefit the library's ebook purchasing program!

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Our most popular ebooks this week
Our most popular ebooks this week
Sun, February 06, 2011
Thanks for the wonderful support for ebook readers. I'm traveling and enjoying borrowing ebooks for my Christmas NOOK! Is there a way to use my recycle rewards to support the Free Library - especially the digital media - but if not specifically, I'd be glad to donate all my points to the Library. Thanks, marta
Mon, October 10, 2011
I have been trying to download books to my Kindle since I had been told that they were now available and have been utterly frustrated. Librarians cannot help me when I call or visit the library. They do not know what to do either.Do people with Nook's have the same trouble?
Agnes - Torresdale
Wed, October 12, 2011
Please email our Ask a Librarian folks! They can help you with your downloading problems.
Jen - Free Library
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