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The Kingsessing Branch is currently housing the TRAILBLAZERS TO FREEDOM DIGITAL INTERACTIVE MEDIA TRAVELING TRUNK. The trunk is an on loan to us from the African American Museum of Philadelphia.  Inside you will find an array of replica memorabilia of the 1870s.  The exhibit tells the stories of two major African American Philadelphians who stood proudly against slavery. In addition is a display of pictures of Philadelphia during this time and biographies of our Trailblazers.

Octavius V. Catto was a graduate of what is now Cheyney University. He was a commissioned Major in the National Guard and helped to recruit Blacks during the Civil War.  Mr. Catto was a proponent for the 15th amendment allowing Blacks the right to vote and equal rights under the Constitution of the United States after the end of slavery.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was an educated woman and teacher who became an Abolitionist. Her home was a stop on the Underground Railroad her in Philadelphia.  She used her talents as an Orator, Poet, and Writer to create works that spoke against slavery. Later on in life she was active in the Woman’s Suffrage movement. 

Traveling Trunk
Traveling Trunk
Replica Artifacts
Replica Artifacts
Display of Historical Philadelphia and Biographies
Display of Historical Philadelphia and Biographies
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