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Happy Earth Day!

2014 marks the 44th celebration of all things eco-friendly with a focus this year on Green Cities and creating a sustainable, healthy environment for communities worldwide.
As the saying goes, "Think Globally, Act Locally". Just doing little things like recycling water bottles and picking up litter on the streets of Philadelphia can help make a difference. Or, now that the weather is sunny and warm again, skip the car or bus and maybe consider walking or riding your bike for transportation (Philly ranks 8th in the nation in both commuter bicycling and walking!) You could participate in the first annual Philadelphia Arbrew Day by planting a tree and have a celebratory beer afterwards. Take a gander at today's Google Doodle featuring a hummingbird, a puffer fish, a dung beetle, and a moon jellyfish to learn more about some of Mother Nature's most interesting creatures.

Most importantly, GET OUTSIDE! There are a bunch of events going on today and throughout this week around Philadelphia (and at your neighborhood library too)!

Browse through some of these Earth Day-friendly titles in our catalog, check out a book (or save a tree and download an ebook), and enjoy some spring weather today!

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Happy Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day 2014 Green Cities Campaign
Earth Day 2014 Green Cities Campaign
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