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You might think, in keeping with a certain stereotype, that librarians are so old-school that the only music we listen to comes from the Library’s vinyl collection. And though there may be a kernel of truth to that sterotype of librarians being all about the analog (we do love listening to our LPs, and we invite you to listen to them too), we also love streaming music.

The best proof of this is the wealth of streaming resources we host on our website, each of which can boast higher audio quality, better liner notes, and much higher consistency than what you can find just on the open web. So be sure to check our newly revamped Streaming Music resources page.

And you also probably already know that we use popular programs like Spotify to make our collection more engaging for you.  Librarians have the superpower of making almost any new technology serve the community. And we use software like Spotify to supplement our collection. Librarians can transform anything into a powerful tool to build onto our existing knowledge, and we’ve harnessed that power for you. Check out our latest Spotify Highlights Mix of new acquisitions here:




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Streaming music, 50's Style
Streaming music, 50's Style
Streaming music, 1790's Style
Streaming music, 1790's Style
Streaming music, Dickens style
Streaming music, Dickens style
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