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Portrait of Joseph E. Johnston

Portrait from "The Grayjackets"

Excerpts from "THE REBEL GENERAL JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON", Harper's Weekly, October 5, 1861

JOSEPH ECCLESTON JOHNSTON was born in Virginia about the year 1804, and is, consequently, some fifty-seven years of age at present. After the usual school education, young Johnston was adopted by the United States, and was brought up in their Military Academy at West Point, at their cost, and under their flag. On leaving West Point he was appointed to the Fourth Artillery, and served in that capacity till 1836, when he became First Lieutenant and Assistant Commissary of Subsistence—a very desirable berth. In 1838 he was appointed First Lieutenant of Topographical Engineers, and served in that capacity through the Florida War, obtaining for his services the brevet of Captain. In 1846 he became full Captain, and served first with the Engineers, and next with a regiment of Voltigeurs, throughout the Mexican War, receiving two brevets for distinguished conduct. At the close of the war he was retained in the Topographical Engineers, and enjoyed a life of agreeable ease in the Government service, until last year, when he was placed at the head of the Quarter-master's department, with the rank of Brigadier-General. The appointment was made in June, 1860, when General Scott foresaw the trouble looming in the future: it is to be presumed that, in placing General Johnston in the responsible position of Quarter-master-General, he placed implicit reliance upon his loyalty. How that faith was requited may be inferred from the fact that, early in 1861, Joseph E. Johnston forswore his allegiance, deserted his flag, and made war against his country at the head of the Virginia rebels. General Johnston is second in command in Virginia, with the rank of full General.

Source: "THE REBEL GENERAL JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON", Harper's Weekly, October 5, 1861

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Title: Portrait of Joseph E. Johnston

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