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Winans Steam Gun

Excerpt from "WINANS STEAM GUN", Harper's Weekly, May 25, 1861

We herewith illustrate, from a photograph by Weaver, the celebrated Steam Gun. patented by Mr. Dickinson, and made by Mr. Winans, of Baltimore. This gun was seized by Colonel Jones, of the Massachusetts Volunteers, when on its way from Baltimore to the Rebel Camp at Harper's Ferry, and is now used in protecting the Viaduct at the Washington Junction on the Baltimore Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad...The merits of the steam gun are a matter of some controversy. We shall probably know ere long what it can do. The following is the statement of its principles by the inventor: "Rendered ball proof, and protected by an iron cone, and mounted on a four-wheeled carriage, it can be readily moved from place to place or kept on march with an army. It can be constructed to discharge missiles of any capacity from an ounce ball to a twenty-four pound shot, with a force and range equal to the most approved gunpowder projectiles, and can discharge from one hundred to five hundred balls per minute."

Source: "Winans Steam Gun", Harper's Weekly, May 25, 1861, p.331

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Title: Winans Steam Gun


Wood engraving from photograph. Published in Harper's Weekly, May 25, 1861.

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Image shows an engineer standing on the platform of the gun next to the tall chimney stack. Several men on the left look on in interest, and standing near the curved shield at the front stands a gentleman wearing a dress coat and top hat. Another operator stands at the front of the weapon.

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