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Seventh Ward!, Draft! Draft! Draft!, Quota 619 Men!

Title: Seventh Ward!, Draft! Draft! Draft!, Quota 619 Men!


Fellow Citizens: -- A book wherein to enter your name for twenty-five dollars awaits your signature at Alderman Patchell's office, No. 1345 Lombard Street, only thirty minutes walk from any section of the Ward, when four hundred names are entered: a bounty will be proclaimed, and Volunteers accredited. Come forward at once. The committee will work.-- Endeavor to lessen their labors. Voluntary subscritpion received and acknowledged by Wm. A. Rollin, Treasure, N.E. Corner of Eighth and Markets Streets. Merchants, mechanics, labourere, turn out and attend the meeting on Wednesday at eight o'clock, at the American Hall, Lombard above Thirteenth Streets.

Wm. F. Carlin, Chairman of Committee, July 1865

Stamp notation on rear: "Gift of William Logan Fox, Esq."

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