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Camp Washington, Easton, PA.

Camp Washington at Fair Grounds, Easton, PA. Rendezvous for Philadelphia companies of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps in 1861.

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The First paragraph of "Down to a strict military life", September 19, 1861 - December 27, 1861

"Recruiting for the Eighty-first Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry began in August 1861 after the Federal disaster at First Bull Run. The thousand of so recruits, mostly from Philadelphia and its environs, gathered at Camp Washington in Easton, Pennsylvania, where they tried to prepare themselves for what would become the world's first industrialized war."

Source: "The Civil War letters of Colonel Charles F. Johnson, Invalid Corps" By Charles Francis Johnson, Univ of Massachusetts Press, 2004 

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Record Details

Title: Camp Washington, Easton, PA.


Charles Baum, Publisher. Print on paper. Chromolithograph : red, green only.

Pencil not: "by Max rosenthal"

HQ of three regiments: 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Muster rolls and commanders.

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