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Satterlee U.S.A. General Hospital, West Philadelphia.

Satterlee U.S.A. General Hospital, which existed from 1862 to 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was one of the largest Union Army hospitals of the Civil War.

Founded in 1862 by order of Surgeon-General William Alexander Hammond, the hospital was built in the sparsely developed West Philadelphia neighborhood near the intersection of 42nd Street and Baltimore Avenue. Its 15-acre (61,000 m2) grounds ran north to 45th and Pine Streets. It was the second-largest hospital in the country, with 21 wood-frame wards and hundreds of tents containing 4,500 beds. The hospital featured a library, reading room, barber shop and a printing office that printed its newspaper, The Hospital Register.

It was commanded by Dr. Isaac Israel Hayes, surgeon, C.S.V. and famed Arctic explorer. Nursing was carried out by the Sisters of Charity, who lived in a convent on the grounds.

By May 1864, Satterlee had treated more than 12,000 patients and suffered only 260 deaths, a remarkable accomplishment considering the sanitary conditions of the day.

After the war ended in 1865, the hospital was closed and the buildings razed. In the 1890s, much of the site was covered with residential housing. The lower portion of the hospital grounds survive as Clark Park.

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Title: Satterlee U.S.A. General Hospital, West Philadelphia.


Text from poster: "This is perhaps the largest and most complete Army Hospital in the world.  It covers sixteen acres of ground, There are 24 wards, containing 4500 beds. The length of the buildings is 900 feet. There are altogether  7 acres of floors. It was opened for the reception of our brave sick and wounded soldiers, June 9th 1862. Admitted up to May 27th 1864 12,773. Deaths, 260. Since the great battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, there have been several hundred tents put up outside the enclosure, as the accommodations are not sufficient for the large number of patients daily arriving from the field. The Principle officers are I.I. Hayes, Surgeon, U.S.V. Commanding, W.H. Forwood, Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A. Executive Officer, J. Williams, Acting Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A. , Acting Executive Officer, et al...Visiting days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 2 to 5 P.M. Special passes, approved b the Surgeon in Charge, procured of the Executive Officer. There are forty Sister of Charity in this Hospital, who are ever ready to relieve the sufferings if its inmates. There is, for the accomodations of the patients, a large Reading Room, with Library, Piano, &c.; also, Sutler Store, Stationery and Newspaper Depot, Barber Shop, and Printing Office, where there is published a very neat paper, called the Hospital register, also, a fine Band of Music."

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