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Gymnast Zouaves Quickstep

Excerpt from The Civil War Bands 

"...the colorful Zouaves d'Afrique of Gen. Charles Collis, one of many such companies and regiments from the North and South who modeled themselves after the French fighting troops in Africa by adopting the uniform of 'red pants, Zouave jacket, white leggings, blue sash around the waist, and white turban.'Unlike other such outfits, however, whose splendid uniforms could not be kept up, Collis's Zouaves had a fortunate association with Capt. F. A. Elliott, a successful wool merchant in Germantown. It was he, no doubt, who arranged the purchase of such a supply of fresh material for uniforms from France that throughout the war they never lacked the distinctive Zouave dress."

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Title: Gymnast Zouaves quickstep: Title page


Group portrait on title page is from a photograph by Jones & Brother, 604 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Captain Louis Hillebrand is seated in the first row, second from the right.

Added title: Gymnast Zouave quick step

Philadelphia's Gymnast Zouaves became part of the 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

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