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Freedom to the Slave

"John Brown's Body" (originally known as "John Brown's Song") is an American marching song about the abolitionist John Brown. The song was popular in the Union during the American Civil War. The tune arose out of the folk hymn tradition of the American camp meeting movement of the 19th century. The song's authorship is disputed; one account first published in 1890 claims the lyrics were a collective effort by Union soldiers and that the lyrics also referred humorously to Sergeant John Brown of the Second Battalion, Boston Light Infantry Volunteer Militia. The songwriter and Union soldier Thomas Brigham Bishop is also credited with the song.               

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Record Details

Title: All slaves were made freemen


Title: All slaves were made freemen. By Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, January 1st, 1863. Come, then, able-bodied colored men, to the nearest United States camp, and fight for the stars and stripes.

Recruitment poster including lyrics to an "original version of the John Brown Song" p. [1]. Chromolithograph (on verso) of soldier holding U.S. flag with banner reading "freedom to the slave" .


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