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Video: Burnt Offerings Trailer (1976)

From Ten Great Ghost Movies You Probably Haven't Seen Yet...

The Rolf Family become the summertime caretakers of a beautiful, yet suspiciously low-priced, mansion and it's elderly occupant - Mrs Allardyce. They soon discover that the house effects each of them in different, mysterious ways.

Ben Rolf (Oliver Reed) becomes increasingly violent toward his son; his wife Marian (Karen Black) becomes obsessed with the unseen elderly lady in the attic; and Aunt Elizabeth (Bette Davis, putting in a wonderfully sassy performance) becomes physically sicker by the day. Can the family escape before the house, quite literally, consumes them?

Burnt Offerings is typical of the great era of 70's horror, relying on thick atmosphere and psychedelic creepiness rather than gore to deliver its scares. And scare you it will!

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