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Video: THE EXORCIST - Trailer - HQ - (1973)

Excerpt from "The Exorcist uncut: Secrets of the scariest movie ever made"
The Exorcist has been terrifying audiences for decades. But the dark secrets of its making are only now coming to light. Guy Adams reveals the truth of a horror classic"

A teenage girl, horrifically disfigured, sits up in bed and projectile-vomits dollops of thick, green gloop onto the face of a priest. Then, in a stream of appalling profanity, the girl confirms what we already guessed: that she happens to be possessed by the Devil. As plot twists go, it's not exactly clever or sophisticated. But the scene is nonetheless hugely effective: this is, after all, one of the climactic moments of The Exorcist, which in turn is among the most terrifying and brilliantly-executed horror movies.

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