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Video: Friday the 13th Trailer (Original) 1980 - starring Kevin Bacon

Excerpt from: Friday the 13th (1980) Retrospective By Christian Sellers • March 28, 2009

It is strange to think that before the hockey mask, before the merchandise, before the sequels and the imitators and the pop culture superstar that is Jason Voorhees, it all started with one film. In fact, before that there was just an idea – let’s rip-off Halloween. There was no desire to make art, or to challenge the audience in any way. Friday the 13th was created purely from a business standpoint, by a fledging producer who had enjoy one success story, only for it to be followed by a string of disappointing flops. The aim wasn’t to create an iconic movie monster or usher in a genre of low budget slashers, all he wanted to do was avoid bankruptcy and earn a small profit. He had seen one idea after another squandered or abandoned, but then Halloween was released and became a surprise success. This convinced him that if he could conceive a premise for a cheap horror film then he would be able to sell it, and this would allow him to develop a television idea he had been considering. With this in mind, Friday the 13th was born.

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