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Video: The Shining Trailer (1980)

 Excerpt from "Stephen King's sequel to 'The Shining' is coming" | Los Angelos Times| August 03, 2012|by Carolyn Kellogg

Now, 35 years later, King has gone back to "The Shining" and written a sequel, "Doctor Sleep." It comes to shelves in January of 2013, just when everyone who might be snowed in will be.

"Doctor Sleep" features the now-adult Danny, the child who could see ghosts in the Overlook Hotel. Troubled by his past -- what with the visions of evil and a homicidal dad, who wouldn't be? -- Danny has drifted, drunk too much, and tried to find his own kind of peace. He's made his way to New Hampshire, where he still has visionary "shining" abilities, which he puts to use working in a nursing home.

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