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Video: The Thing Trailer (1982)

Excerpt from 'John Carpenter's The Thing' At 30: Why It Still Matters (OPINION)| Moviefone | By Eric Larnick

The summer of 1982 produced a heap of landmark sci-fi blockbusters like "E.T.," "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" and "Blade Runner." There was so much going on, that it was easy for a film to fall through the cracks -- and that's just what happened to John Carpenter's "The Thing." The film opened on June 25, but struggled to find an audience and barely broke even at the box office.

With a reception like that, it would appear to be just another schlocky B-horror movie, designed to muster up a quick scare in theaters before disappearing into the cinematic garbage dump. But "The Thing" was far from your ordinary horror flick. The story of an Antarctic research team stumbling onto -- and being preyed upon by -- a mysterious, shape-changing alien, left a crater-sized impact on horror cinema that is still being felt today. And there are several elements from the movie that prove why it's so influential and intimidating to modern filmmakers.

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