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March of Time: The Fighting French (Vol. 9, Ep. 2, October 1942)

Featured here is French General Charles de Gaulle working in Colonial

The March of Time was a short subject series newsreel produced by Time Inc. It began in March 1931 as a CBS radio news series. In the radio show the news of the day was dramatized by professional New York actors, such as Art Carney (1918–2003) and Orson Welles (1915–1985). In 1935, the radio show was converted into twenty-minute, monthly newsreel episodes shown in theaters around the world. The series lasted until 1951. In total, 166 documentary film episodes were released.

The March of Time was no stranger to controversy. In a time when movies were primarily escapist in nature, the series shocked American audiences by tackling serious topics seldom explored in films, such as venereal disease, the horrors of Nazi Germany, and poverty in America.  The documentary series was also criticized for staging or recreating many of its scenes. Fictitious scenes were often mixed in with authentic footage, as amateur and professional actors were hired to impersonate popular newsworthy figures. 

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