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Old Oklahoma Plains (1952)

Rex Allen (1920–1999),  nicknamed the “Arizona Cowboy,” has the distinction of being the last singing cowboy to star on the silver screen, in a 1954 movie called The Phantom Stallion. Allen personified the quintessential singing cowboy with his clean-cut good looks. In his films, Allen is accompanied by his faithful horse, Koko, and his loyal sidekicks, played first by Buddy Ebsen (1908–2003) and later by Slim Pickens (1919–1983).  Later on, Allen was best known as the narrator for many Disney nature films.

In Old Oklahoma Plains, which is set in the 1920s, ex-cavalry officer Rex Allen is hired by the military to persuade local ranchers to allow the army to test its new tanks.  Local ranchers refuse to cooperate, fearing that these tanks will eventually make their horses obsolete.

Many of the climactic scenes of the film, most notably the tanks sequences, consist of stock footage taken from the movie Army Girl (1938), which was also produced by Republic Pictures.

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