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Video: I, Robot - Official Trailer (2004)

Excerpt from I, Robot Movie Review: I. Love. This. Movie By Rebecca Murray, Guide

I’ve already established in previous reviews I’m not a comic book person (see The Hulk, Spider-Man, Hellboy, etc.). The same lack of knowledge of the source material extends to sci-fi films. I think I read Isaac Asimov years ago, but it didn’t stick with me. I didn’t know there were three laws robots must obey, and the title I, Robot reminded me more of a “Me, Tarzan, You, Jane”-type of thing than anything else.

Was I really looking forward to seeing I, Robot? Yes--and no. Yes because sometimes Will Smith is fun to watch (Independence Day, Men in Black). No because sometimes he isn’t (Bad Boys 2, Wild Wild West). Plus you’ve got the whole robot special effects thing and that could be extremely disturbing to watch or it could be extremely entertaining. I don’t believe I’ve worried over seeing a movie as much as I stressed about I, Robot since I paid to see Moulin Rouge. Full of anxiety and popcorn, I sat through the screening of I, Robot and emerged totally overwhelmed and glowing with hope for the future of Will Smith movies. I, Robot is one of his best, thanks to the stunningly stylish, almost eerily alive robots he shares the screen with.

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