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Use of weapons [electronic resource] by Iain M.Banks, 1990

Use of weapons [electronic resource]  by Iain M.Banks, 1990
3rd book of the Culture series.
BookList Review: Banks' latest novel of the far-future Culture reads like a successful crossbreeding of "Star Wars" and Len Deighton. It has the breakneck pacing and space-opera spectacle of the first and the detail and realistic, even pessimistic, characterization of the second. The plot revolves around a futuristic version of the classic burned-out secret agent who's dragged back into harness and who's got a strong desire to settle old scores with employers who used him up and threw him away. The complexity of the Culture universe is likely to daunt some readers, and having read the previous Culture opus, "Consider Phlebas" (Bantam, 1991), won't help all that much. It will, however, likely have given readers a taste for Banks' original takes on old themes. Highly recommended. ((Reviewed Apr. 1, 1992)) -- Roland Green
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