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A fire upon the deep by Vernor Vinge, 1992

A fire upon the deep by  Vernor Vinge, 1992

Part of the Queng Ho or Zones of thought novels

Reviewed by BookList: Vinge follows in the footsteps of Carver, Benford, Brin, and Bear in combining hard science and the science fiction epic in this, his most ambitious novel. In a far future interstellar society, intelligence is limited by a mind's location in the universe. A scientific experiment gone awry disrupts this situation, causing widespread destruction and chaos. Refugees who may have the secret to saving civilization fall into the hands of a medieval race of aliens, and the quest is on for an oddly assorted band of rescuers to save the refugees and their knowledge. Its epic aspects are stronger than the science, but overall, the book is as successful as it is ambitious and should have wide appeal. ((Reviewed Mar. 1, 1992)) -- Roland Green

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