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Video: Time After Time 1979 TV trailer

Excerpt from a review of Time after time (1979) by Scott Free for

Imagine a movie with H.G. Wells chasing Jack the Ripper through time into the twentieth century and you have our inaugural entry, Time after Time. Filmed in 1979 it features Malcolm McDowell in the lead role playing H.G. Wells alongside David Warner giving an excellent turn as the villainous Jack the Ripper. The movie begins in 1890’s London where Jack the Ripper narrowly escapes arrest by jumping into a time machine at his friend’s H.G. Wells party no less, propelling him into the 20th century all the way to modern day 1979 San Francisco where he decides to continue his murderous ways. H.G. Wells gives pursuit following him into the future having to adjust to his new surroundings, catch Jack the Ripper and bring him to justice before he can strike again. McDowell does a wonderful job as Wells in this fish out of water scenario. In 1890’s London he is years ahead of his time, but once he is propelled into the future he is like a child having to learn about this new world he is in all the while trying to catch a killer. What can be said about his counterpart Warner, who gives a chilling performance as Jack the Ripper.

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