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"Men Are Not Gods," Film, 1936

Brief Synopsis from Turner Classic Movies:

After watching a performance of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor opera Othello, London critic T. H. Skeates dictates a scathing review to his secretary, Ann Williams. Afterward, Barbara Albert, wife and co-star of the leading player, Edmund Davey, whom Skeates had panned, begs Ann to change secretly the review. Believing Barbara's claim that Davey was nervous on opening night, and recalling Skeates's boast that he never reads his own reviews, Ann agrees. However, Davey, not knowing of his wife's action, thanks Skeates for his praise, unintentionally alerting the critic to the change. Skeates, assuming Ann must be in love with Davey, fires her. She decides to go see the play that afternoon, and is enchanted with Davey's voice, presence and performance. Barbara asks Ann to dine with them, and Ann becomes drunk on champagne. Waiting on Ann's doorstep when she returns home is Tommy Stapledon, a fellow reporter who writes obituaries and is in love with her but cannot win her. Ann begins to see Othello every day, living to catch glimpses of Davey. Skeates finds her in the Royal Academy gazing at Davey's portrait and, worried about her, invites her to resume her old job. However, upon arriving home, Ann finds a telegram from Barbara inviting her to tea. Barbara is late, and after Ann overhears Davey say he did not want to be bothered, he tries to make up to her, pursuing her to Hyde Park, where he asks her to be his mistress. For the first time in weeks, Ann swears she will not go to Othello , but cannot escape it when all of the city listens to a radio broadcast of the play. Ann and Davey meet on a rainy day in Hyde Park, and she moves out to a flat in Hampstead to become his mistress. An artist tries to sell Barbara's maid a painting of Ann and Davey together, but the maid destroys it. Barbara, always jealous of Davey, recognizes the remnants of the painting and guesses what has happened. She asks Ann to give up Davey, as she is having a baby and he does not know. Ann writes to Davey, ending their affair and sends the letter via Tommy. Davey decides to kill Barbara, however, and that night, he performs the murder scene strangely. Ann, having come to see Othello one last time, realizes that Davey is going to kill Barbara on the stage and cries out, interrupting the performance. Ann is taken backstage to Barbara, where Davey overhears that she is pregnant. The couple are reconciled, and Ann happily returns to being just a member of the audience.

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Image Source: Circulating Collection, Print and Picture Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia. Subject: "Othello" – Shakespeare.

Original Source: Permission from United Artists Corp., 1936

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