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Video: "Richard III" (1955) Trailer

An excerpt from the review of Laurence Olivier's film of 'Richard III' in The Guardian,Tuesday,  December 13, 1955

Olivier has provided the scholars with a nice game - one in which very low marks will be scored by anyone who fails to spot that Edward, Prince of Wales, and not his father, Henry VI, has been put into the coffin which is dolorously followed by the Lady Anne.

He has also committed one calculated and amusing naughtiness: Mistress Shore, invisible in the play, [mentioned] unflatteringly, as a part-cause of poor Hastings's fall, appears on the screen (in the seductive person of Pamela Brown).

All she says is one "good morrow" but her appearances are frequent, conspicuous, and, in spite of the purists, relevant.

Olivier has made a superbly dramatic film, in which by variations of tempo, by superb acting on the part of the awe-inspiring cast, and by a wonderful knack of indicating the side-shows while maintaining the main theme of Richard's own drama, he has cheated the clock. His long film never, or hardly ever, seems long.

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