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Title: [Antiphonary]


The initial M on the top fragment begins the antiphon benediction for Lauds on the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, “Magister, scimus quia verax es et viam dei in veritate doces” (Master, we know that You speak the truth and teach the way of God in all sincerity).

There are two staff lines used in this chant: the obvious one is red, the yellow one is barely visible. The red line is the F line and the yellow line is the A line. These two leaves are not sequential: the top leaf has several selections from the Book of Matthew that are usually used during the 21st to 24th Sunday after Pentecost; the bottom leaf quotes Jeremiah 31:12 and Psalm 4.

The notation is very similar to Beneventan chant; however, Beneventan chant is accompanied by an entirely different script from the one seen in these leaves. Extant examples of Beneventan chant are also extremely rare, hence it is unlikely that these leaves are from a Beneventan monastery.

De Ricci #223

Free Library of Philadelphia Lewis Text Leaves 2:41

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