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Single leaf from an antiphonary: Initial H with the Nativity, December 25

Title: Antiphonary


These leaves can be dated to ca. 1430-1440.

This initial begins the first response of the first nocturn of Matins for the feast of the Nativity (Dec. 25), "Hodie nobis caelorum Rex de Virgine nasci dignatus est, ut hominem perditum ad caelestia regna revocaret." (On this day the King of heaven deigned to be born for us of a Virgin, in order to call fallen men home again to the heavenly kingdom).

Lewis E M 65:1-78 were once thought to have come from a single manuscript associated with the Cistercian monastery at Zwettl in Austria. It has been determined, however, that the leaves are from a number of separate manuscripts and were likely produced by a team of scribes and artists at the scriptorium of the Benedictine monastery at Melk.

Initial H with the Nativity

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