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What A Piker I Was by Charles Henry Sykes (1882-1942)

The cartoon shows the figure of Ananias standing over the shoulder of a busy campaign manager as he writes out a long list of campaign claims.

The story of Ananias is told in the New Testament of the Bible. Following the example of other members of the early Christian church, Ananias sold his land and donated the proceeds to the church. When he went to turn the money over he lied about how much he made and held some back. The story recounts how he died on the spot as punishment from God.

The early Christian's name became associated with stinginess and lying. Seeing the extravagant claims of the campaign manager, Ananias exclaims "What a piker I was!" A piker is a person who is stingy or who only does things in small or cheap ways.

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