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Experimental Car - Beatnik Bandit
HCP 1267240... UNIPIX WHEEL GONE, MANI LOS ANGELES, CALIF.: The "Beatnik Bandit," a fiberglass-bodied, radio-controlled custom roadster, is one of ... more

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Death and burial information can be found in numerous places: church records, vital records, directories, biographies, family Bibles, newspapers, hospital and medical records, cemeteries, tombstones, military service records, funeral director records, and special census schedules just to name a few. For information about other types of records, see the other genealogy research guides. Some basic questions and answers concerning death and burial records are:

Where are the best short essays that describe death and burial information?
When did the maintenance of death and burial records become required by law in the area of interest?
What church or cemetery made a record of the death or burial?
Are the church and cemetery records I need still in existence? If so, where are they?
What is the best way to find early Pennsylvania church records?
Who is the custodian of public death records for each of the United States, what do they have, and how do I contact them?
Who is the custodian of Philadelphia public death records and how do I contact them?
Who is the custodian of public death records for other Pennsylvania counties and how do I contact them?
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