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Like social bookmarking? Then you’ll love these weblinks chosen by our expert Librarians. - Concise, encyclopedic guide to the Internet and several of its component parts, including the World Wide Web, Usenet News Groups, Electronic Mail, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and Multi-User Dimensions (MUD).
Internet Tools : Internet Tools
Google - The web's premiere search engine.
Google Maps - Find locations, get walking, driving, and public transit directions.
Google Translate - Translate words, sentences, and web pages in foreign languages.
Dictionary/Thesaurus - Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Online Calculator - From a simple calculator to Scientific or BMI Calculators, "Online Calculator" is always available when you need it.
Wikipedia - Free Online Encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute information.
Timer Tab - Online timer, alarm clock, and count-down clock.
FaxZero - Digital "Fax" Machine - use your email address to fax .doc, .docx, or .pdf files.
PDFEscape - Free PDF Editor & Form Filler, can open and edit .pdf documents easily from your web browser.
Print Friendly - Make any web page print friendly.
Edit Pad - Free onlien text editor, remove unnecessary formatting from any text.
Zamzar - Free Online File Converter