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Constellations and their stars - Presents information on stars and constellations and links to related web sites.
Encyclopedia Astronautica - Astronomy Encyclopedia
HubbleSite - Space Hubble Telescope
NASA - Includes 4.1 million public web pages about aeronautics, astronautics, engineering, etc. Geared toward the professional scientist, but has some accessible information including many fascinating photos.
NASA image exchange - "A web-based search engine for simultaneously searching one or more of NASA's online image and photo collections. Searching is performed using keywords (boolean operators can be employed to refine the search). NIX returns thumbnail sized images, textual descriptions, image numbers, links to higher resolution images, links to more information, and links to the NASA Center that stores each image."--FAQ.Index at NASA Images
NASA's planetary photojournal - Developed as a collaboration between NASA's Planetary Data System Imaging Node, the Solar System Visualization Project,and JPL's Media Relations Office, this site is designed to provide the user with easy access to the publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs.
PlanetDiary - PlanetDiary records the events and phenomena that affect Earth and its residents. Every week, this site presents geological, astronomical, meteorological, biological, and environmental news from around the globe.
Planetscapes - A comprehensive web site providing information about the planets in our solar system.
Space Telescope Science Institute - "The World Wide Web site hosted by STScI is an important resource for providing information and services to a broad audience composed of research astronomers, amateur astronomers, engineers and other technical personnel, the media, teachers, educators, students, and the general public. In addition, the Web site is an important tool for internal communication and documentation, and provides a development platform for new and innovative ways to provide information electronically."--Support Issues, Goals, and Implementation Plan. "The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is the astronomical research center responsible for operating the Hubble Space Telescope as an international observatory."--About STScI. - An on-line newsletter, updated daily, which contains the latest news about NASA science and technology.
Vistas del Sistema Solar - Presents information, in Spanish, on topics such as the history of space exploration, rocketry, early astronauts, space missions, and spacecraft through an archive of photographs, scientific facts, text, graphics and videos.
Amazing Space - From the Space Telescope Science Institute. Pretend you're an astronaut, play games, and more. For grades 4 and up.
NASA History Division - A history of astronauts and their biographies from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
ESA Kids - A website for kids from the European Space Academy. Includes information about space, earth, and other cool facts about our universe. For grades 4 and up.
Exploring the Planets - From the National Air and Space Museum. Explore comets, compare planets, take a trip on the Voyager and more! For grades 4 and up.
Solar System Exploration - Kids - A kids' page from NASA. Build your own models, submit pictures for the art gallery, watch videos and more. For 2nd grade and up.
Solar System Exploration - Planets - Solar system exploration from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
The Space Place - Games, projects, amazing facts, and more brought to you from NASA. For grades 3 and up.