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Alien Empire - This site, a companion to a PBS miniseries, is an excellent source for information about the world of insects, with animation and wonderful graphics.
EE-Link Endangered Species - Comprehensive website for regional, national, and international Internet information sources on endangered species: plants and animals, and endangered habitats and designated refuge areas. Includes hyperlinks to educational sources for classroom teaching. Includes hyperlinks to laws and policies regarding endangered species
Electronic Zoo - Indexes and links numerous sites on veterinary medical and animal resources available on the Internet.
National Wildlife Federation - Official web site of the National Wildlife Federation.
The Virtual Zoo - "All content was written by members of the ThinkQuest team #11922."--Zoo office. "Our zoo is a powerful educational tool which serves to heighten the general public's awareness of animals throughout the world. It also informs all students accessing our website about the alarming rate of human expansion into various animals' habitats."
Welcome to the Philadelphia Zoo on line: the Zoological Society of Philadelphia - Official web site of America's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo.