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100 or so Books that shaped a Century of Science -- _American Scientist - Presented by _American Scientist_ and compiled by Philip and Phylis Morrison, this site lists approximately 100 books that readers, reviewers, and editorial staff at the magazine felt were "memorable and influential English-language books" in twentieth-century.
Academy of Natural Sciences - Offers information about the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Presents news about ongoing exhibits at the Museum along with information related to those exhibits.
Field trips site - Provides on-line field trips. Each field trip covers a single topic such as salt marshes or volcanoes. Experts on the subject of the field trip have selected the best sites on the Web. Sites have been arranged in sequential order to build a story. The experts have then written a series of "trail markers" or stops, that describe each site on the field trip to guide you in your learning.
Frank Potters Science Gems - Science resources sorted by category, subcategory, and grade level. For students, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.
Franklin Institute - "The Franklin Institute Science Museum is an informal science learning institution, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA."
Homework Central - Subject index to web resources in the sciences and other subject areas.
The MADSci Network - Answers questions in many areas, covering chemistry, physics, astronomy, engineering, computer science, earth sciences and the biological sciences. A series of interfaces allow visitors to ask questions, view previously answered questions, or search archives for information. Maintains a library of links to other online resources.
Nova Online - Provides information on the Nova programs and related curricular materials.
Reeko's mad scientist lab - Presents science experiments and supporting facts for children and parents.
Science fair project resource guide - Guides users to a variety of web site resources, leading them through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science experiment.
Scientific American Ask The Expert - Provides answers to questions about various fields of science. Users can access archived information or ask questions of their own. Answers lead to related information and links to other pertinent web sites.