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Age of Dinosaurs - BBC's comprehensive, easy-to-navigate site about the rise and fall of dinosaurs, fossils, and sea monsters.
All About Birds - Learn all about birds in this website created by the Cornell Lab of Orinthology.
Animal Corner! - This United Kingdom-based site includes information on all kinds of animals from elephants and wolves in the wild to hamsters and goldfish in your house.
Animal Diversity Web - A collection of pictures and information about animals appropriate for middle school and older.
Animal Fact Guide - Learn interesting facts about animals around the world.
ASPCA's Animaland - Learn about pets and other animals on this interesting website.
Bat Resource Area - Maintained by the Bat Conservation Society, this site includes bat facts, photos, pictures, and fascinating bat trivia, such as how to exclude bats from buildings.
The Dino Dictionary - This site offers a searchable database, discussion of current theories, a listing of dinosaur sites and clip art.
The Dinosauria - Give it 1/5 Give it 2/5 Give it 3/5 Give it 4/5 Give it 5/5 Average: 3.6 (20 votes) Launch Site More like this: Dinosaurs Appropriate for Middle School aged youth
Exploring Nature Educational Resource - A natural science reference site for students and educators.
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago - Information on more than 1,000 animals in their zoo as well as great animal photos.
Magic Porthole - Magic Porthole takes you into the fascinating and fragile world of coral reefs, using a variety of multimedia experiences.
National Aquarium in Baltimore - View photos, video and information about the 17,000+ animals who live here.
National Wildlife Federation - Official web site of the National Wildlife Federation.
National Zoo, Washington, D.C. - Opportunities to play puzzle games, encounter new births in the zoo, and read about the language learning of orangutans.
Ocean Portal - Ocean Portal focuses on everything ocean – unusual and everyday organisms, ocean-inspired art, researchers devoting their lives to exploring the still mostly mysterious ecosystem.
Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database - Download cool animal facts, teacher’s guides, quizzes, activities . . . even check out live animal cams!
Switcheroo Zoo - Play animal games, solve animal puzzles, take a guided tour, and join a zoo quest while you make new animals at this virtual zoo.
Walking with Dinosaurs - Created by the BBC, Walking with Dinosaurs features individual pages featuring interesting facts, images and statistics on particular dinosaurs.
Whale Times - Basic information about whales and other sea life.
Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo - Explore the work of the world's preeminent science-based conservation organization, founded in 1895.