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A. Pintura: Art Detective - Multiple-ending mystery introduces art principles. Includes links to other art-related activities.
Albright-Knox Artgames - Join "Artie" for a fun-filled trip around the art world. Learn about and create paintings and sculpture, and explore fine art through games. From the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the tools that artists use - like line, color, and balance - to build works of art.
Cartoonster - Like cartoons? Find information on how animation works and step-by-step tips for creating your own cartoons.
Color with Leo - Explore the world of art through interactive games, hands-on activities, and lessons with a young Leonardo da Vinci.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - Site combining multiple museum holdings in an over 75,000-item database. Images are excellent, and you can send your comments and knowledge about the paintings to the museum.
First Palette - First Palette is an art site with ideas for educators and parents who share an enthusiasm for art, who recognize the value of doing meaningful and fun activities together with kids, and who have a passion for nurturing creativity and the love for learning.
FunBrain - Learning games, categorized by age, i.e. "6 and under", "7", "8", up to "17 & up". From The Family Education Network.
Getty Games - It takes an sharp eye and a quick hand to win these games featuring masterpieces of art. Directions for art projects are also available here.
The Imagination Factory - This site provides art activities using recycled materials. Ideas and clear directions can be found for painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and crafts from recycled media.
Inside Art: An Adventure in Art History - Dive into an exciting painting, and follow clues to get yourself out!
Kids Think Design - Everything that people create or construct needs to be designed first--and whether the product is clothing or buildings, books, graphic art or gardens. This site offers just the tools to get young designers going on projects of their own.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - This fully-searchable database allows the user to search by subject, artist, keyword and more among over 45,000 records and 27,000 digital images.
Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own comics online with this online comic generator from author Bill Zimmerman.
Meet Me at the Corner - Interactive site includes virtual field trips for kids. Video submissions from kids worldwide. Includes How to Make Videos and Podcasting.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - This is one of the largest and finest art museums in the world. Its collections include more than two million works of art—several hundred thousand of which are on view at any given time—spanning more than 5,000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present.
Mocomi - Mocomi is a fresh approach to content for kids with the perfect blend of fun and learning that helps the left and the right brained child learn through experiences.
National Gallery of Art Kids' Page - The National Gallery of Art has put together 7 exhibits and paintings for children and families to view online. They include interactive tours as well as activities for kids to do online or print out.
PBS Kids: Coloring - Coloring and activity pages, both on-screen and for printing, of popular PBS children's programs.
PicassoHead - Create a painting online with Picassos style using a virtual canvas, save it, and email it to a friend. Get inspiration from a gallery of Picasso-like samples already created.
The Rennaissance Connection - Sponsored by the Allentown Art Museum, this interactive Web site provides engaging activities while learning about the Renaissances artists and history.
Tate Kids - Children can create their own artwork, upload their artwork and create their own gallery on this website. Children can play games and watch films. Ideas for creating arts and crafts are included. An adult zone includes the internet safety clause, lessons for teachers, and ideas for parents to use with their children.
The Toymaker - The artist provides samples of her work in the form of printable paper toys and crafts. Various holidays are represented as well as more generic toys. Stories and the artists online journal are available to read.
Twisty Noodle - Thousands of free coloring pages and worksheets to customize and print for kids.