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Bing and Bong's Tiny Planets - Play games with outer-space BBC characters Bing and Bong! - Weather fun and games for kids! For grades 2 and up.
FunBrain - Learning games, categorized by age, i.e. "6 and under", "7", "8", up to "17 & up". From The Family Education Network.
Funology Laboratory - Activites and games: some to help you learn, some just for fun. For grades 2 and up; may need adult help.
National Geographic World: Games - Fabulous, interactive games with geography-related themes, for grades 3-6. Includes matching, word scramble, brain teasers, jokes, quizzes and more.
Polly - Polly Pocket activities where you can choose her hair sytles or clothes. More fun, easy games are included in this commercial site from Mattel.
Up To Ten: Kids - Boowa and Kwala present coloring, puzzles, mazes, races and more for younger children. Site is accessible in different languages.
Welcome to Seussville - A web site devoted to Dr. Seuss, movies, events, and books. Enjoy games and activities with favorite Dr. Seuss characters