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Bing and Bong's Tiny Planets - Play games with outer-space BBC characters Bing and Bong!
CBeebies - BBC presenta programas educativos, juegos y actividades para los niños. Hay informació para los padres también. BBC presents educational programs, games and activities for children. Parent information is also included.
Chess Kid - In a safe environment, discover the rules and strategies of chess. Improve your game, memorization skills, patience and sportsmanship with free online games, tournaments and club matches with kids around the world. Give it 1/5 Give it 2/5 Give it 3/5 Give it 4/5 Give it 5/5 Average: 4.4 (11 votes) Launch Site More like this: Games & Entertainment Appropriate for Elementary aged youth Appropriate for Middle School aged youth
Clever Crazes for Kids - The mission of Clever Crazes for Kids is to build healthy lives with a primary focus on nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem and respect for our earth.
Daily Sudoku for Kids - Fans of this popular game will enjoy a new puzzle challenge daily. Different levels and patterns such as “squiggly” allow for many ages to enjoy the site.
Deaf Planet - An expansive resource for Deaf and hearing children to learn together online, in English, French, American Sign Language, and Langue des Signes Québécoise.
Diane deGroat’s Official Site - The official website of author/illustrator Diane deGroat who has published 120 books for children. This website tells about her, her books, school visits, and how you can purchase Diane’s original art. All information is approved by Diane. FAQs answer all of the actual questions Diane has answered during her school visits. Teachers and librarians will enjoy “Fun Stuff” which includes the following in various subject areas: coloring page, word search, connect the dots, mazes, and even a Gilbert paper doll with clothes. - Weather fun and games for kids! For grades 2 and up.
Fraboom - Fraboom is a live interactive online children's museum. The site highlights books, cartoons, classroom materials, websites, live presentations and interactive programming.
FunBrain - Learning games, categorized by age, i.e. "6 and under", "7", "8", up to "17 & up". From The Family Education Network.
Funology Laboratory - Activites and games: some to help you learn, some just for fun. For grades 2 and up; may need adult help.
Learning Games for Kids - This site features games for preschool and elementary students that build skills in math, reading, social studies, science, art and music.
Literacy Center Education Network - Choose a language to play and learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more.
National Geographic World: Games - Fabulous, interactive games with geography-related themes, for grades 3-6. Includes matching, word scramble, brain teasers, jokes, quizzes and more.
Play Kids Games - Check out math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents.
Polly - Polly Pocket activities where you can choose her hair sytles or clothes. More fun, easy games are included in this commercial site from Mattel.
Poptropica - Created by Jeff Kinney of "Wimpy Kid" fame, this virtual world invites young gamers to create a character and to undertake age-appropriate quests on over a dozen "islands" based on themes from history, nature, and human culture.
Turtle Diary - Aimed at children from Pre-Kindergarten to second grade, this site offers over a thousand educational puzzles, games, projects, worksheets and more in areas from math and science to ESL and arts and crafts. Both paid and guest memberships are available.
TVO Kids - An Ontario website the provides engaging activities for kids ages three to eight that link directly to TVOntario, an educational public television broadcast.
U.S. Chess Online - This is the Chess Federation site and does include beginning lessons in chess. Given the importance of chess in learning theory, this is a must!
Up To Ten: Kids - Boowa and Kwala present coloring, puzzles, mazes, races and more for younger children. Site is accessible in different languages.
Welcome to Seussville - A web site devoted to Dr. Seuss, movies, events, and books. Enjoy games and activities with favorite Dr. Seuss characters
The World of Victor - Have fun with Victor, a toddler on the move. There are lots of games and sounds to play with, including puzzles, music, coloring, and mixed-up animals. Available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French.
Ziggity Zoom - This site offers a variety that will appeal to preschool and younger elementary age children. Online and printable activities are available.