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Bell Museum: Eco Games - Learn how a bridge, a dome, a skyscraper, a dam, and a tunnel are built on this unique, informative , and exciting website. If you ever wondered about engineering, try out this site.
Chem4Kids - Fun introduction to chemistry. Find out about matter, atoms, reactions, elements and the periodic table, and more.
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Fun On-line - One of the largest children's museum in the world, this 356,000-square-foot facility houses 10 major galleries that explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts. Whenever possible, exhibits are hands-on or participatory in nature.
Cool Science for Curious Kids - Simple science information and activities that you can do online and at home, for kids who are new to science.
Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception - Investigating science behind the ordinary subjects and experiences of people's lives. The topics themselves provide 'hooks' that get people excited about science.
NASA Kids - Try out some interactive space-related games and activities for the younger crowd. Sponsored by NASA.
National Geographic Kids - Fun activities and facts about geography and science for kids in grades 4-7.
Ology - American Museum of Natural History offers a unique museum experience for kids 8-12.
PestWorld for Kids - Play "Name That Pest" or even become a Pest Detective or Pest Ranger. Interactive mysteries help uncover the world of "animals out of place"!
Science News for Kids - Science-related news, with suggestions for hands-on activities, books, and other useful materials.
The Space Place - Play games and find facts about space at this fun site sponsored by NASA. Includes ideas for teachers and a Spanish option.
Why? Files - Updated twice a month, this site presents features on the science (and math, engineering, and technology) of topics in the news from everyday life. Includes index and access to previous Why Files.
Amazing Space - From the Space Telescope Science Institute. Pretend you're an astronaut, play games, and more. For grades 4 and up.
NASA History Division - A history of astronauts and their biographies from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
Exploring the Planets: Earth - From the National Air and Space Museum. All about our planet Earth! For grades 4 and up.
Planet Earth: Guide to the Planet - The Planet Earth series from the Discovery Channel. Experience the incredible environments and animals that populate our beautiful planet. For grades 4 and up.
Science & Nature: Space - From the BBC. Watch videos, pick up facts, complete a puzzle of the solar system, and more! For grades 4 and up.
Visible Earth - From NASA. Images of our planet that can be searched by satellite, region, state, and more. For grades 4 and up.
ESA Kids - A website for kids from the European Space Academy. Includes information about space, earth, and other cool facts about our universe. For grades 4 and up.
Exploring the Planets - From the National Air and Space Museum. Explore comets, compare planets, take a trip on the Voyager and more! For grades 4 and up.
Solar System Exploration - Kids - A kids' page from NASA. Build your own models, submit pictures for the art gallery, watch videos and more. For 2nd grade and up.
Solar System Exploration - Planets - Solar system exploration from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
The Space Place - Games, projects, amazing facts, and more brought to you from NASA. For grades 3 and up.