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Bell Museum: Eco Games - Learn how a bridge, a dome, a skyscraper, a dam, and a tunnel are built on this unique, informative , and exciting website. If you ever wondered about engineering, try out this site.
Building Big - Explore large structures and what it takes to build them with BUILDING BIG™, a five-part PBS television series and Web site from WGBH Boston. BUILDING BIG explores the history behind some of the worlds greatest feats of engineering and the ingenuity of the engineers, architects, and builders who designed and built them.
Chem4Kids - Fun introduction to chemistry. Find out about matter, atoms, reactions, elements and the periodic table, and more.
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Fun On-line - One of the largest children's museum in the world, this 356,000-square-foot facility houses 10 major galleries that explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts. Whenever possible, exhibits are hands-on or participatory in nature.
Cool Science for Curious Kids - Simple science information and activities that you can do online and at home, for kids who are new to science.
Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception - Investigating science behind the ordinary subjects and experiences of people's lives. The topics themselves provide 'hooks' that get people excited about science.
Exploring Leonardo - “Leonardo da Vinci had a keen eye and quick mind that led him to make important scientific discoveries, yet he never published his ideas. He was a gentle vegetarian who loved animals and despised war, yet he worked as a military engineer to invent advanced and deadly weapons.”
Learn.Genetics en Español - Aprende y explora la biología, la salud, evolución y más de la ciencia. Laboratorios interactivos y recursos para los maestros son disponibles también
NASA Kids - Try out some interactive space-related games and activities for the younger crowd. Sponsored by NASA.
National Air and Space Museum - Here, in virtual space, are the objects that made the dream of flight a reality. Each is a reminder of a noteworthy achievement and evokes the spirit of its own particular time. From the Smithsonian.
National Geographic Kids - Fun activities and facts about geography and science for kids in grades 4-7.
Ology - American Museum of Natural History offers a unique museum experience for kids 8-12.
PestWorld for Kids - Play "Name That Pest" or even become a Pest Detective or Pest Ranger. Interactive mysteries help uncover the world of "animals out of place"!
Science News for Kids - Science-related news, with suggestions for hands-on activities, books, and other useful materials.
Seymour Simon - Called by the New York Times "the dean of [children's science] writers," Simon offers information about himself and his books (over 250 and counting!) on his official site, along with study guides, science news and videos, a science dictionary and more.
The Space Place - Play games and find facts about space at this fun site sponsored by NASA. Includes ideas for teachers and a Spanish option.
Super Saber - This Spanish language site features interactive video game lessons in different math and science topics, including addition and subtraction, mental math, mammals, the human digestive system, and more. Este sitio tiene juegos de video para practicar diferentes destrezas de matemáticas y ciencias, tales como suma y resta, cálculo mental, mamíferos, el sistema digestivo, y más.
Why? Files - Updated twice a month, this site presents features on the science (and math, engineering, and technology) of topics in the news from everyday life. Includes index and access to previous Why Files.
Women of NASA - The Women of NASA resource was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in math, science, and technology. Selected profiles are available in Spanish.
Amazing Space - From the Space Telescope Science Institute. Pretend you're an astronaut, play games, and more. For grades 4 and up.
NASA History Division - A history of astronauts and their biographies from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
Exploring the Planets: Earth - From the National Air and Space Museum. All about our planet Earth! For grades 4 and up.
Planet Earth: Guide to the Planet - The Planet Earth series from the Discovery Channel. Experience the incredible environments and animals that populate our beautiful planet. For grades 4 and up.
Science & Nature: Space - From the BBC. Watch videos, pick up facts, complete a puzzle of the solar system, and more! For grades 4 and up.
Visible Earth - From NASA. Images of our planet that can be searched by satellite, region, state, and more. For grades 4 and up.
ESA Kids - A website for kids from the European Space Academy. Includes information about space, earth, and other cool facts about our universe. For grades 4 and up.
Exploring the Planets - From the National Air and Space Museum. Explore comets, compare planets, take a trip on the Voyager and more! For grades 4 and up.
Solar System Exploration - Kids - A kids' page from NASA. Build your own models, submit pictures for the art gallery, watch videos and more. For 2nd grade and up.
Solar System Exploration - Planets - Solar system exploration from NASA. For grades 4 and up.
The Space Place - Games, projects, amazing facts, and more brought to you from NASA. For grades 3 and up.