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American Library Association Resources for Parents - Web resources, books and online reference for parents, teens and kids. - A site for school-aged children and their parents with access to education-oriented resources of all kinds. Includes a parents' forum page and information about schools and learning readiness. Topics and content arranged by grade level. Issues like bullying and academic pressure addressed also. Some advertising.
Little Clickers - Sites selected by "Children's Software and New Media Revue" on dinosaurs, sports, holidays, Harry Potter, food, pets, and a webcam.
Smithsonian Kids - Smithsonian Kids includes a lot of information and activities about a lot of topics, including dinosaurs, world cultures, animals, outer space, history, and more…many of which are also exhibits at the Smithsonian museums.
StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library, with a Pre-School Library, an Elementary Library, and Book Hive. Online activities, booklists, coloring sheets, all in one great site!
Cooking for Kids
Café Zoom - More kids' cooking activities from Zoom! For kids, by kids. For ages 6 and up; may need a parent's help.
CHOICE: Children's Cooking Corner - More recipes for children from Citizens For Healthy Options in Education. For children ages 8 and up.
Cooking with Caillou - Cooking with Caillou! For children ages 6 and up; may need a parent's help.
KidsHealth - Recipes - Recipes and more from This site contains recipes for many common dietary restrictions including kids with diabetes and celiac disease. For children 8 and up; many recipes call for adult assistance.
King Tut
Ancient Egypt for Kids - King Tut - King Tut fun geared toward kids. Puzzles, mazes, trivia and more! For children ages 4 and up.
Color Me Egypt: Activities and Games - Word games, crafts, coloring, and translating your name into hieroglyphics. For children ages 6 and up.
WebQuest King Tutankhamun: Was it Murder? - A King Tut mystery to solve! Work as a team to find out if Tut was murdered. For children ages 9 and up.