Free Library of Philadelphia
1.  How can someone volunteer to help in an adult literacy program?

The Mayor's Commission on Literacy (MCOL) trains volunteers to become adult literacy tutors. Training options for tutors include Basic Tutor Training, English as a Second language Training, and GED Tutor Training. Upcoming training schedules are available at

2.  How can I find a tutor or a class to help me?

You can call the Mayor's Commission on Literacy at 215-686-5250 for information about classes in different organizations all over the city.

3.  I want to volunteer to teach adults to read. I want to set up a tutoring program in my neighborhood. Where do I go and will someone teach me how?

MCOL coordinates tutor training in the city. After you have completed 9 hours of training, you will be referred to a convenient adult literacy site and assigned a learner. MCOL can also help you start your own literacy site with specialized training for site certification. Please call 215-686-5250 for information.

4.  I need to get my GED. What is the test like and where can I take it? Does it cost money?
5.  What is the Mayor's Commission on Literacy (MCOL)?
6.  How can someone get into an adult literacy program to improve his or her educational skills?

The Mayor's Commission on Literacy (MCOL) provides referrals for adult Philadelphians into adult basic education, GED, and English as a Second Language programs. Learners can call the MCOL at 215-686-5250.

7.  Are there opportunities for professional development for adult education teachers and tutors?
8.  Does the MCOL help groups that want to start new literacy sites?

The MCOL works to help groups develop and maintain literacy sites and programs throughout the city. If you are interested in developing a site, call 215-686-5250.

9.  Does the Mayor's Commission on Literacy support the use of technology in adult education?