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Women: Yes, Ms. Prime Minister: Women in World Politics
Women make up half the human population, but come nowhere near that percentage in government. Read about these women who have participated in politics.
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Title: Herstory: Women Who Changed the World
Author: Ashby , Ruth and Deborah Gore Ohrn and Gloria Steinem
ISBN: 0670854344
Notes: A compendium of biographical sketches of the most important women in history.

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Title: Letters From Burma
Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
ISBN: 0140264035
Notes: Contemporary Burma seen through the eyes of this Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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Title: A Woman in Charge
Author: Bernstein, Carl
ISBN: 9780375407666
Notes: A biography of the current Secretary of State that covers her fascinating life up until her ground-breaking run for president in 2008.

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Title: Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West.
Author: Bhutto, Benazir
ISBN: 9780061567582
Notes: A look at the political relationships between the United States and the Islamic world.

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Title: Golda
Author: Burkett, Elinor
ISBN: 9780060786656
Notes: Recent biography of the American-born, former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir.

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Title: Eleanor Roosevelt
Author: Cook, Blanche Wiesen
ISBN: 067080486X
Notes: The life of this outspoken former first lady.

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Title: Indira Gandhi : Daughter of India
Author: Dommermuth-Costa, Carol
ISBN: 0822549638
Notes: Biography of India's first female Prime Minister.

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Title: This Child Will Be Great
Author: Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen
ISBN: 9780061353475
Notes: This memoir, from the first female head of state of an African country, tells Johnson-Sirleaf's remarkable life story.

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Title: Barbara Jordan : African American Politician
Author: McNair, Joseph D.
ISBN: 1567667414
Notes: Traces the life and work of this African-American woman who was a respected politician, teacher, and spokeswoman for democracy

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Title: America by Heart
Author: Palin, Sarah
Publisher: Harper/Harper/Collins (2010)
Price: $25.99
ISBN: 9780062010964
Call Number: MCN
Notes: Inform yourself about Palin's take on "Faith, Family and Flag," in this follow up to her wildly bestselling Going Rogue.