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Asian Americans: History of Asians in America
History of different Asian ethnic groups in America
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Book Cover
Title: Chinatown Lives: Oral Histories From Philadelphia's Chinatown
ISBN: 0971299676
Call Number: 974.811 C441L
Notes: The Chinatown Oral History Project of the Asian Arts Initiative documented 17 Philadelphia's Chinatown residents, workers, and community members. Explore their lives through these interviews.

Book Cover
Title: Atlas of Asian-American History
Author: Avakian, Monique
ISBN: 0816036993
Call Number: 973.0495 Av12 a
Notes: This easily accessible volume, filled with beautiful photographs, charts, and sidebars, traces the history of Asians in America, from the first waves of immigration up through their experience during World War II and the modern day.

Book Cover
Title: The Chinese In America: A Narrative History
Author: Chang, Iris
ISBN: 0670031232
Call Number: 973.0495 C362e
Notes: A sweeping and thorough account of the Chinese experience in America, dealing with identity, overcoming obstacles, contributions to the arts and culture, and redefining what it means to be an American.

Book Cover
Title: Remembering Manzanar: Life in a Japanese Relocation Camp
Author: Cooper, Michael L.
ISBN: 0618067787
Call Number: J940.5472 C786R
Notes: Uses firsthand accounts, oral histories, and essays from school newspapers and yearbooks to tell the story of the Japanese Americans who were sent to live in government-run internments camps during World War II.

Book Cover
Title: Growing Up Asian American: Stories of Childhood, Adolescence and Coming of Age in America
Author: Hong, Maria
ISBN: 0380724189
Call Number: 810.98 G919ua2
Notes: 32 Asian American writers describe their experiences growing up from the 1800's to the 1900's.

Book Cover
Title: Planet India: How the Fastest Growing Democracy Is Transforming America and the World
Author: Kamdar, Mira
ISBN: 9780743296854
Call Number: 303.4825 K128p
Notes: Discover the transformations taking place in India and their impact on America.

Book Cover
Title: Forbidden Workers: Illegal Chinese Immigrants and American Labor
Author: Kwong, Peter
ISBN: 156584355X
Call Number: 331.651 K979f
Notes: This book explores the forces behind Chinese immigration and U.S. labor practices, in a variety of communities from San Francisco to New York, and includes work based on interviews with workers and activists.

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Title: The Korean Americans
Author: Lehrer, Brian
ISBN: 079103352X
Call Number: J305.8957 L529K
Notes: Explores the history, culture, and religion of the Koreans in America.

Book Cover
Title: Americans From India and Other South Asian Countries
Author: Park, Ken
ISBN: 9780761443056
Call Number: j304.873 P219N
Notes: Discover the history of imigrants from India and other South Asian countries.

Book Cover
Title: Strangers at The Gates Again: Asian American Immigration Since 1965
Author: Takaki, Ronald
ISBN: 0791021904
Call Number: 325.2509 T139s
Notes: A fascinating account of Asian-American immigrants (including Chinese, Filipino, Korean, India, and Southeast Asia), refugees, and their lives after coming to America.