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Edgar Allan Poe: Poe Biographies and Literary Studies
A list of biographies and literary studies on Poe that explore his life and literary works.
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Book Cover
Title: The Tales of Poe
Author: Bloom, Harold
ISBN: 1555460119
Call Number: 818 P752zta
Notes: Literary criticisms are featured along with a short biography, a chronology of the author’s life and an introductory essay written by Harold Bloom.

Book Cover
Title: The Everything Guide to Edgar Allan Poe : The Life, Times, and Work of a Tormented Genius / Shelley Costa Bloomfield ; Foreword by Jeffrey A. Savoye.
Author: Costa Bloomfield, Shelley
ISBN: 1598695274
Call Number: 818 P752zbL
Notes: An easy-to-use guide to Poe’s life’s, focusing on his life, thirteen year old bride, the truth of his drug abuse and the mystery of his death.

Book Cover
Title: Edgar Allan Poe
Author: Hobson Quinn, Arthur
ISBN: 9780801857300
Call Number: 818 P752ZQ3
Notes: Arthur Hobson Quinn separates fact from fiction and provides scholarly research into Poe’s life and works.

Book Cover
Title: Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe.
Author: Hoffman, Daniel
ISBN: 0807123218
Call Number: 818 P752zho5
Notes: Author Daniel Hoffman attempts to prove that Poe’s views are not “lacking in coherence and to “do justice to the actual experience of reading Poe.”

Book Cover
Title: Poe
Author: Hutchisson, James M.
ISBN: 1578067219
Call Number: 818 P752zhu
Notes: A rich biography that attempts to explore Poe’s works as it relates to the literary world of New York and Philadelphia in the 1800s. How Poe’s southern background influenced his writings is also explored.

Book Cover
Title: Edgar Allan Poe: His Life and Legacy
Author: Meyers, Jeffrey
ISBN: 0815410387
Call Number: 818 P752zme2
Notes: This biography explores the tragic life of Poe and his outstanding contribution to the world of literature.

Book Cover
Title: Poe Illustrated : Art by Doré, Dulac, Rackham and Others / Selected and Edited by Jeff A. Menges.
Author: Poe, Edgar Allan
ISBN: 9780486457468
Call Number: 818 P752a4
Notes: Over 100 drawings by master illustrators are included in this book, which serve to both interpret and accompany some of Poe’s most popular works.

Title: The Last Letters of Edgar Allan Poe to Sarah Helen Whitman / Edited by James A. Harrison.
Author: Poe, Edgar Allan
ISBN: 9780548501177
Call Number: B P7514
Notes: Includes the correspondence between Poe and Sarah Helen Whitman, Poe’s last true love and the inspiration for his poem, “To Helen.”

Book Cover
Title: The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe : Authoritative Texts, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism / Selected and Edited by G.R. Thompson.
Author: Poe, Edgar Allan
ISBN: 0393972852
Call Number: 818 P752A88
Notes: Includes 57 documents that represent Poe’s classic works, including reviews by Poe and correspondence. Also included are 14 essays on his poetry, fiction and politics.

Book Cover
Title: Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance.
Author: Silverman, Kenneth
ISBN: 0060167157
Call Number: 818 P752zsil
Notes: Silverman, a Pulitzer-Prize winning biographer, presents a carefully researched and compelling study of Poe.