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African American History: Black Speculative Fiction
Transport yourself to new worlds with these science fiction and fantasy novels by African American writers.
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Book Cover
Title: The Darkness
Author: Banks, L.A.
ISBN: 9780312949143
Notes: The latest in Banks's wildly popular vampire huntress series.

Book Cover
Title: Lion's Blood
Author: Barnes, Steven
ISBN: 0446526681
Call Number: Fiction
Notes: In Barnes’s alternate America, white European slaves labor on plantations run by African imperial governors. This novel of political suspense and adventure keeps surprising readers until the end.

Book Cover
Title: Lilith's Brood
Author: Butler, Octavia E.
ISBN: 0446676101
Call Number: Fiction
Notes: This volume collects Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy, which explores what happens when powerful aliens take a destroyed Earth for themselves, and offer humanity its only chance for survival: to become aliens themselves.

Book Cover
Title: Babel-17 ; Empire Star
Author: Delany, Samuel R.
ISBN: 0375706690
Call Number: Fiction
Notes: Babel-17 follows a female starship captain (and her crew of genetic misfits) whose remarkable linguistic discoveries are the only defense against a strange and powerful weapon that may destroy them all.

Book Cover
Title: The Good House
Author: Due, Tananarive
ISBN: 0743449002
Notes: This reinvention of the classic ghost story follows a family—and its spirits—from New Orleans to Washington State, where the latest generation must contend with the sins of their ancestor, who abused her vodou powers

Book Cover
Title: The Liminal People
Author: Jama-Everett, Ayize
ISBN: 9781931520331
Notes: Scary situations and believable supernatural abilities force these characters to fight for their lives in ways you can't imagine. Fans of Octavia Butler's Patternmaster series will like this book.

Book Cover
Title: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Author: Jemisin, N. K.
ISBN: 9780316043915
Notes: Book one of the Inheritance Trilogy, a highly original fantasy world full of danger, mythology and mystery.

Book Cover
Title: The Summer Prince
Author: Johnson, Alaya Dawn
ISBN: 9780545417792
Notes: In a future Brazilian city-state controlled by a matriarchy, rowdy teenage bioartists start a unintended rebellion because of their creativity and need to make art.

Book Cover
Title: The Best of All Possible Worlds
Author: Lord, Karen
ISBN: 9780345534057
Notes: When their homeland is destroyed, the survivors of a proud and aloof alien society struggle to reach out to the rest of the galaxy for aid and understanding while striving to preserve their cherished way of life. One part Ursula K. Le Guin, one part Octavia Butler, one party totally original inventiveness from Lord. Mix and stir!

Book Cover
Title: The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad
Author: Minister, Faust
ISBN: 0345466357
Call Number: Fiction
Notes: In this comic sci fi novel, two oafish roommates in a future Canada cast about until a mysterious (and maybe not-quite human) woman shows up and brings with her a whole mess of trouble.